Ultrasonic ranger


The iTriangle - Ultrasonic ranger is a non-contact distance measurement module that works at 40 KHz. When a pulse trigger signal with more than 10 uS is provided through the signal pin, the module will issue 8 cycles of 40 kHz and detect the echo. The pulse width of the echo signal is proportional to the measured distance according to the formula: distance = echo signal high time * Sound speed (340 m/s)/2. The Ultrasonic Ranger's TRIG and ECHO signal share 1 SIG pin.

Do not hot plug the ultrasonic ranger, otherwise the sensor will be damaged. The measured area must be no less than 0.5 square meters and smooth.


Parameter Value/Range
Operating voltage 3.2~5.2 V
Operating current 8 mA
Ultrasonic frequency 40 kHz
Measuring range 2–350 cm
Resolution 1 cm
Output PWM
Size 50 x 25 x 16 mm
Weight 13 g
Measurement angle 15°
Working temperature -10~60 °C
Trigger signal 10 uS TTL
Echo signal TTL
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