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Visual programming blocks – Variables

We use the term variable in the same way as it is used in mathematics and other programming langu...

Visual programming blocks – Text

Examples of items of text are: "thing #1" "March 12, 2010" "" (empty text). Text can contain ...

Visual programming blocks – Loops

The Control category contains blocks that control whether other blocks placed in their body are r...

Visual programing blocks – Lists

As in everyday speech, a Blockly list is an ordered collection of items, such as a "to do" list o...

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iTriangle sensors and actors and their specifications

Documentation to iTriangle sensors and actors, their specification, eagle pingout, schematics etc.

iTriangle platform

Documentation to itriangle platform, differences between sets, sources, community etc.

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iTriangle ENG

Documentation for iTriangle platform in English

iTriangle CZ

Dokumentace k vzdělávací stavebnici iTriangle EDU

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